It's been crazy trying to get all of the things done we have to do in our lives these days. One would hope now that the holidays are behind us, my fathers passing on January 5th and a host of other stuff is all behind us we can spend some time writing about our projects, etc. Dee Bugged has been very busy attending many 1 , 2 and 3 day crops with several of her groups and has completed projects which we will be posting soon. This weekend we will be attending a 3 day Cricut Sworm crop together. Our project was to create a personal name tag for someone we were paired up with. In my case, I am one of two males at this crop so I was paired up with him and this is the name tag I made for him. Dee Bugged is still working on hers and I will post it soon.

Being a Harley rider and his favorite colors are black and orange I decided to combine the two.