We spent the entire day Sunday in our pj's cutting away. Just love days like that don't you? We thought it would be good to take this kind of time experiencing the Cricut and all the wonderful things that it really can do. Below I will share all of the things we did. The first one is from Mickey and Friends and is suppose to be part of Goofy's character but I loved it for my dog pages, made 3 of them.
I decided to start with something small first with not to much detail so I picked Minnie and Mickey. Cut them at 3" Onto something more difficult and a lot more detail! Minnie's house, JD cut while I assembled and glued... Cut at 6"Next we did Mickey's House. It does not show it with grass or Mickey's silhouette over the door but JD felt as though it need more character. Also cut at 6"

JD wanted to work on something while I was gluing away so he cut this car from the Disney /Pixar Cars cartridge. Cut it at 4"
More of JD experimenting... Great job cutting his first card out huh?
The man was in his glory now, has a fascination with flames so of course he had to cut these out as I was working my fingers to the bone...

For gluing I used the Precision Point Adhesive Pen from Creative Memories and for placement I used the QuickStick (the Quicker-Poker-Picker-Upper) made by QuicKuts. I would never make it through these detailed projects without these two awesome tools....hope you enjoyed!