Well people out there who have decided to purchase a Wishblade cutting machine, I have to tell you this has been the day from hell! We have multiple computers in the household to include XP, Vista and MAC with Leopard . A challenge to say the least, to keep them all running, sharing and functioning on our network together without even considering having a Wishblade that works on all computers too. I know we represent the extreme situation here but I just wish one of these cutting machines, software suites etc. would be problem free or at least setup and function first, second or third time I attempted to make them work. It really pushes me over the top when you finally reach someone from customer service and they say things that you don't want to hear. Especially after F***ing with their software and hardware all day. Why is it when they have known issues they aren't posted on their website under support , or better yet, stuff you need to know to make our cutting machines and software work, you just paid hundreds of dollars for. The thing that put me over the top today was a statement a customer service person made ... The manual you got with your software,was written by the software designer and it doesn't make sense, so we have written our own manaul and it is on our site. So what I herd her say, they had someone else write their software and they are trying to support it, not being the ones who actually wrote it. The person who did, isn't even on board there and available. So be aware that most of these cutters, most software and other related equipment and accessories, you are pretty much own your own and it can be frustrating. After much trial and error, what I could get from customer support and pulling from my experiences, I have all of our computers working with our Wishblade cutter. The MAC software is a bit different but works well, the Windows computers are working but are much more temperamental with the setup of their USB ports, particularly the Vista machine, go figure. I have to say, if you have some issues with your Wishblade, Create & Cut Plus software, feel free to leave your comments and I will try to help if I can.