This is my second project completed with the new process we learned, using UTEE and lots of embellishments and paper, then molding them into cubes. Once you get the first couple out of the way you start to get a rhythm and it goes much smoother. We have used different size frames and they all require a different amount of cubes to complete the look you want. I chose a family theme for my daughter frame and I really like the end results. We're having a lot of fun working in the almost completed scrapbook room and figuring out how and where stuff should be put away and what things we still need but overall I think it looks great. Tomorrow I need to set up PSC ( Printer~Scanner~Copier ) for both our MAC and PC's so we can start to work on setting up our SVG files and building our database. I installed 10,000 plus Font Files today and over 14 Gig of graphics. We hope to be able to share some files soon.